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Welcome to the World of Ciro`s Pomodoro

Ciro Orsini, founder of Ciros Pomodoro, opened his first legendary restaurant in the Rock n Roll years of 1978 located at the Prime location of Beauchamp Place Knightsbridge London. Which is situated just round the corner from the World famous Harrods.

Ciros Pomodoro is a perfect combination of Great Italian food, Image, High Energy, and of course the man himself, forming the nucleus of the very successful formula.

Backbone of the operation are the Coppola brothers (Ciro's nephews), Ciro jnr, and Antonio Coppola.

Ciro jnr c.e.o. has the unenviable task of handling all correspondence at the London head office, which comes from all branches of the Ciro pomodoro Licensing , world wide, at the same time he is responsible for maintaining and running the Uk operations which consists of the Mother ship at Beauchamp Place.

Antonio Coppola, (President-in-chief) like Ciro is an Executive Chef, which is why he also oversees the development of all locations worldwide. Antonio , like Ciro, travels the Planet, ensuring the Ciro Pomodoro brand is Vibrant and up to date ,in all aspects of the Ciro Pomodoro name.


Expansion Worldwide

Ciro's Pomodoro is expanding world wide and beyond, so if you hear that a Ciro's Pomodoro is opening on the moon, please remember our Motto (Expect the Unexpected) Before we discuss the man, just a little information concerning the Name... Orsini. If we tell you that Twelve Orsini men married twelve daughters of kings and Emperors, you might slightly begin to understand the man.

Family Heritage

The Orsini were one of the most influential Italian noble families in medieval Italy. Members of the Orsini Family include 5 Popes...18 Saints...40 Cardinals and numerous significant political and religious figures. The family can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and goes as far back as the Roman Period, so the blood line is very long, and very strong.


About Ciro

So what of the Man himself Ciro Orsini its been said, they broke the mould once he was made....his drive and hunger for perfection as not been diminished by the passing years. Nowhere is that more prominent than in his popular World wide restaurants, which span the Globe inviting not just Great food, but a particular brand of Neapolitan hospitality that comes straight from the heart. Ciro Orsini with his Neapolitan sense of humor and laughter, his healing and outgoing ways, has won the loyalty of some of the most talented and high profile clientele in the World.

Energy and Drive

The Atmosphere and Energy of a Ciro's Pomodoro restaurant and bar has been spoken of as unsurpassed Part of that energy and drive that is Ciros Pomodoro, is also the best live music nightly, a steady stream of live music, musicians and singers from all over the world regularly perform on stage keeping the atmosphere Live and Electric, and not only can you listen to live music, but if you feel so inclined, even perform yourself, and if you're sitting and having a quiet meal and hear the dulcet tones of Ebony over Ivory, and think that actually sounds like Stevie Wonder playing live, don't be surprised to find that it actually is the case, remember the Motto (Expect the unexpected)

Our Valued Guests

Ciro's Pomodoro can be a magical experience and the walls of the venues share a timeless reminder of some incredibly great and happy times. After more than 35 years in the business, in Ciro's own words, its all about a fascinating mix of Warm heartedness and about understanding the public as a very special and valued guest.

Our Mottos

And please don't forget the main three Ciro Pomodoro Mottos.

  • We don't just make the difference, We create the difference.
  • We Work Globally, we think Locally
  • Never forget to Expect the Unexpected

And last but not least, if we were looking for a Quote to sum up the Amazing achievement of Ciro Orsini the Coppola Brothers, and Ciro's Pomodoro. Than who better than the king of the English spoken word himself Winston Churchhill who we feel would have said something like.

NEVER IN THE FIELD OF FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT HAS SO MUCH BEEN OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW........ PS ....and thank you, for being our Valued Guests.

Contact us in London

Ciro's Pizza Pomodoro
51 Beauchamp Place,
London SW3 1NY

Tel: 020 7589 1278

Email: info@pomodoro.co.uk

Company Registered In England

Name: Pizza Pomodoro Ltd.
Number: 3428586
Address: Bezant House
Bradgate Park View
Derby DE73 SUH

Opening Hours

7 days a week 6.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.
Last orders for food & drink at 1.00 a.m.

Live Music

7 days a week 9.15 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.

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